Aliaxin EV 2x1ml

Aliaxin EV 2x1ml.

Restore the volumes of the face, recreating balance and symmetries in a natural way, for an essential and unique beauty.

However proposed as the ideal product for facial rejuvenation, in patients who have lost their natural fullness over time.

Cheekbones, chin and mandibular line represent the points that outline the right
proportions of a young and harmonious face, then the areas where to intervene
with  Aliaxin EV. So, thanks to its lifting capacity and its natural adaptation
in the subcutaneous dermis, an aesthetic result is obtained, capable of giving the face
a young and natural, simply unique look.


Its optimal lifting capacity makes it ideal for subcutaneous implants, necessary for restoring facial volumes.

  • Increased volumes: cheekbones as well as the chin
  • Also remodeling of the mandibular profile