Aliaxin GP 25MG 1ML

Aliaxin GP 25MG 1ML.

The persistence in the tissues is the peculiarity of this formulation. Thus enabling a long-lasting action and a good lifting effect of the wrinkle.
This characteristic is obtained by acting on the degree of cross-linking of a mixture of
hyaluronic acids, medium as well as high molecular weight.

Ideal for the treatment of localized imperfections. Also best for the localized volumetric increase of those areas of the face that characterize its three-dimensionality.
Also suitable for medium-term retouching for maintenance.

The gel has an optimal viscosity and plasticity for user-friendly and well-tolerated intradermal treatments.

Ideal for the treatment of the most common face blemishes:

  • Glabrox wrinkle
  • Wrinkles as well as nasogenic grooves
  • Labiogenetic wrinkles
  • Improve the volume of the malar and chin area