Aqualual Spray 150ml

Aqualual Spray 150ml – a toning facial spray based on melted water with hyaluronic acid content. Completely safe, does not irritate as well as does not cause allergic reactions.


Tones, cleans and also cleanses the skin.
-Maintains the natural moisture of the skin.
-It helps to increase the free water content in the stratum corneum.
-It helps to reduce evaporation from the surface of the skin.
-Also exerts biostimulative effects on the skin.
-It has a stimulating effect on metabolic processes in skin cells.

Washing, cleansing and phonization of the skin.
Moisturizing, normalization of turgidity and elasticity of the skin.
Prevention of premature aging of the face and neck.
Daily face skin care.

Natural melted water, thanks to its structure, has an extremely positive effect on the facial skin and its metabolic processes. It gives the feeling of purity, freshness and is one of the most effective means of edema and so-called “spider veins”.