Aqufill Soft 1x1ml

Aqufill Soft 1x1ml.

Hyaluronic acid Aqufill SOFT 1ml.

Product characteristics:
– Easy molding
– Strong viscosity as well as cohesion
– Effective gel hardness

Aqufill is however  designed for the three ideal mechanical properties of fillers. It also applies progressive HA technology to increase the effect, safety and long-term elimination capacity. Aqufill shows an extremely high hydrophilic capacity thanks to its stable molecular structure and remains 100% HA, showing a new level of filler compared to its competitors. In addition, it can dissolve perfectly through the effect of hyaluronidase.

– Concentration: 20 mg./ml.
– Presentation: 1 x 1ml.
– Needle: 30G 13 mm.
– Application: Crow’s feet, lobe of the ear, perioral wrinkles, glabellar lines as well as  forehead lines.
– Duration: 1 year
– Expiration: 2.5 years