Hyaluronic acid 32 mg + Rejuvenating complex
5 Flacons X 5 ml / 5 Vials x 0.17



Buy Cytocare 532 5x5ml

Buy Cytocare 532 5x5ml.

Booster in the regeneration of the skin

– Preserves the youth of the skin
– Also delays the appearance of wrinkles
Maintains hydration
– Improves radiance

For an immediate and infinitely natural result:

  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Brings optimal hydration
  • Protective and antioxidant effects
  • Delays the appearance of the first wrinkles
  • Brings brightness and brightness

Visibly dimmed wrinkles and fine lines. Thus a preserved biological capital of the skin and the effects of aging really pushed back. So hydration of the young skins can be maintained. With a biological balance and the youth capital preserved. Again the hydration of mature skin is found and restored. The radiance of the skin improves, the complexion becomes brighter, the skin becomes more supple. Finally the skin  restructures, with a very natural result.