Buy Cytocare S Line 1 x 3ml

Buy Cytocare S Line 1 x 3ml. This product is more than an anti-aging product. It works synergistically both in deep and surface layers of the skin, which guarantees its full and perfect revitalization

Also an extremely strong antioxidant and moisturizing formula. Hence it gives the skin an immediate effect of illumination, restoring the natural physiological balance. 
The exclusive formula contains non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid and rejuvenating complex CT50. This makes the skin thickened, elastic and protected for external actions thanks to the antioxidant activity of keratinocytes

However It’s used to revitalize, moisturize the face, neck, cleavage as well as back of the hands. 

The first skin booster in a pre-filled syringe sterilized by aseptic filtration to ensure the consistency of all ingredients.