Buy Dermafill Regen 2x1ml

Buy Dermafill Regen 2x1ml – characterized by lower density (14 mg / ml) and viscosity (670 mPa.s), compared with other products in this series. Thus easily distributed in the tissues, it does not give them significant volume. The gel quickly compensates for the lack of its own hyaluronic acid. This product however helps moisturize and elasticity of the skin and provides it with a natural healthy look.

Best used to fill the superficial inter-brow vertical folds, to easily model the lip contour. Helps to remove small net wrinkles and shallow vertical folds in the upper lip, “smile wrinkles”. Finally, it helps to correct the mild nasolabial folds and wrinkles between the lower lip and submental area.

In addition, Dermafil Regen is used for tightening the cervical zone, using the “mesh” technique and in a relatively new lifting method, bodyskiting used in the anterior abdominal wall, the posterior surface of the shoulder (when the skin sags) and other areas of the body. The gel leads to compaction of the skin and the formation of an elastic framework.