Buy Filorga Perfect + 30ml

Buy Filorga Perfect + 30ml

Concentrated serum for a perfect skin with a fluid texture and also fast absorption. This perfecting serum acts on 3 levels: dilated pores and excess glitter, ridges and irregular skin grain. So, this care helps stimulate cell renewal and smooth the skin. It also has adesting action to reduce the size of the pores and to make the skin. In this way this serum acts on all the components that contribute to a perfect complexion – ridges and irregular complexion, enlarged pores as well as lack of luminosity.

Formulated with the exclusive NCTF complex and the active poly-revitalizing complex:

  • 14 vitamins to stimulate cellular mechanisms;
  • 24 amino acids to promote protein synthesis;
  • 6 co-enzymes to catalyze biochemical tissue reactions;
  • Also 5 nucleic bases to activate cellular communication;
  • 4 minerals to compensate for skin deficiencies;
  • 2 antioxidants that act against free radicals.

Formulated with a trio of active ingredients (a skin optimizer + 1 peeling ingredient + NCFT®), it restores cellular communication and stimulates cell renewal to a smoothed texture. It contains an active astringent ingredient that reduces the size of the pores and gives a matte effect to the skin. It also contains an active ingredient based on plant extract that leaves the skin looking natural and healthy.