Buy Princess RICH 1ml Online

Buy Princess RICH 1ml Online. 

Princess Rich (1x1mL) restores lip volume, rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin.

With its unique formula, Princess Rich (1x1mL) contains a stabilized gel thanks to the presence of glycerol, used to naturally hydrate the epidermis. From the first moments after the injection, the features of the treated area are redrawn and lifted intensely and deeply. 

The areas targeted by Princess Rich (1x1mL) are:

  • The cleavage
  • Arms
  • The backs of the hands
  • Neck
  • The face

Thanks to Prince Rich (1x1mL), your face will be rejuvenated. Also your complexion will be sublimated thanks to moisturizing gel. Finally, your wrinkles will disappear to give way to a restored volume face, with all its freshness and natural radiance. The results obtained are adjustable to suit all your desires, all your desires and according to your personal characteristics. 

It is advisable to inject Princess Rich (1x1mL) directly into the middle or deep dermis to obtain a natural result and a lasting filling. Princess Rich (1x1mL) allows you to achieve lasting results that can be changed over time. The effects obtained last for a maximum of one year. 

However, a qualified doctor to inject filler may advise you and refer you to the choice of the product. As well as the amount needed for injection depending on factors such as the desired result, your skin and the area to be corrected. 


  • Hyaluronic acid
  • HA concentration (18 mg / mL)
  • Moisturizing agent Glycerol (1,2,3-propantriol)
  • Other component: Citrate phosphate buffer