Buy Surgiderm 24XP 1×0.8ml

Buy Surgiderm 24XP 1×0.8ml

Introduced into the middle layers of the skin and removes deeper wrinkles and folds (nasolabial, eyebrow), and is also used to correct the contour of the lips. Index XP means increased viscosity of the drug, which allows for a more pronounced and long-lasting action.
Surgiderm 24 ХР – effective against wrinkles and folds of small and medium depth. Surgiderm 24 ХР smooths the skin for a long time, making it young and elastic. Also used to improve the contour of the lips and give them a charming swelling.

 Application: correction of wrinkles and giving volume.
Wide recognition of the drug is provided by a high level of plasticity of the gel, which makes it possible to use it even on the most hard-to-reach areas.
Thus, with the help of Surgiderm 24xp, wrinkle correction of any severity became possible.

Using Surgiderm 24xp:

  • Modeling oval face;
  • Replenishment of insufficient skin moisture;
  • Filling eyebrow wrinkles;
  • Filling the nasolabial fold;
  • Lip augmentation, giving a clear contour.

An important positive point in using Surgiderm 24xp is the ease of drug administration.
The average duration of action is 1 year.

What you need to know those who choose Surgiderm

For adult patients, so it will be wiser for young girls to choose a drug that is suitable for all age categories.

It is possible to combine various drugs from the series. This will allow you to fully refresh your face as effectively as possible without getting any side effects.