Buy Surgiderm 30XP 1×0.8ml

Buy Surgiderm 30XP 1×0.8ml – the densest gel-filler in the line Surdzhiderm. The drug is designed to improve skin turgor, to achieve a lifting effect by raising the corners of the lips and eyebrows. Injected into the deeper layers of the skin, avoiding use in the paraorbital region.

 Packing: 1 syringe x 0,8 ml

Surgiderm 30 XP enhances skin turgor of the entire face, provides a lifting contour, lifts the corners of the lips and eyebrows, fills wrinkles by injecting the drug into the deeper layers of the skin.

Hyaluronate successfully fights such problems as:

  • “Sagging” oval face
  • “Sagging” of the corners of the eyebrows and lips,
  • filling the tissue deficit on the “hollow” cheeks,
  • correction and volume of lips,
  • elimination of skin laxity,
  • filling deep nasolabial and eyebrow folds,
  • eliminating puppet wrinkles on the chin,
  • scar removal.

Hyaluronic acid contained in the preparation effectively attracts and retains moisture in the tissues, due to which the  effect lasts a long period – 12-18 months . A result considered the most prolonged of all drugs in the line.