Buy Teosyal RHA 2 2x1ml

Buy Teosyal RHA 2 2x1ml is however ideal for filling deep wrinkles in the mobile areas of the face.

The new RHA acid is the first elastic hyaluronic acid for dynamic facial areas. The innovative, patented Teosyal RHA crosslinking process however allows for long chains of hyaluronic acid. Thanks to this, the filler is dynamic and also does not deform with moving interactions. Under the influence of stretching or compression, Teosyal RHA adapts to the environment and retains its properties.

Concentration of hyaluronic acid in Teosyal RHA 2: 23mg / ml

Lidocaine concentration : 0.3%

Level of cross-linking: 3.1%

The pack contains: 2 1ml pre-filled syringes and 30G 1/2 “needles