Decoria Essence 1ML

Decoria Essence 1ML.

A filler based on crosslinked, non-animal hyaluronic acid, with smooth spherical particles, instead of the traditional structure resembling angular diamonds. The result of this technology is also an advanced product in which smooth, spherical particles contribute to faster as well as more even bonding to the tissues of one’s own body.


  • Valley of tears and around the eyes
  • also contour of a woman’s mouth
  • modeling of a man’s lips
  • smoker’s lines
  • neck
  • hands
  • forehead
  • lion’s wrinkle as well as ear lobes

    Benefits of Decoria

  •  gives the complexion a glow
  •  reduces wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes
  •  restores volume to your cheeks
  •  smoothes lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth
  •  gives your lips volume and also  moisturizes them
  •  improves the elasticity and structure of your skin
  •  regenerates and moisturizes your skin