Ellanse E 2x1ml

Ellanse E 2x1ml is the first family of skin fillers based on perfectly smooth and soft. Also fully resorbable polycaprolactone microspheres (PCL), suspended homogeneously in a gel carrier, being an aqueous solution of carboxymethylcellulose. However offers safe and unique products with the possibility of choosing the length of maintaining the effect of the treatment. Designed specifically for the needs of aesthetic medicine and surgery. The long-term performance technology (Tunable Longevity and Sustained Performance Technology) developed by AQTIS Medical. Thus it provides stable results over time from 12 months to 4 years. The predictable and controlled total bioresorbidity of Ellansé ingredients and their valuable properties ensure maximum safety and efficiency for the entire Ellansé family.

The treatment with the use of Ellansé instantly restores the face to a fresh and youthful look, thanks to both the correction of wrinkles and biostimulation – that is, the stimulation of natural collagen reconstruction.

The microspheres of polycaprolactone, in contrast to the components of other preparations, do not change their initial molecular weight over time, and additionally strongly stimulate the production of collagen type I. The whole is a natural implant that guarantees a stable and long-lasting effect. We affect the skin not only filling, but above all anti-aging. The face not only recovers lost volume, but also significantly improves the quality of the skin.