Filorga Anti Age Micellaire Solution 400ml

Filorga Anti Age Micellaire Solution 400ml.

Anti-aging care and cleansing in one, that’s the Essentials Anti-Aging Micellar Solution from Filorga. The micellar lotion effortlessly frees your face from impurities and make-up remnants while giving you supple, soft skin with fewer wrinkles and lines. For an optimal result a regular application of the anti-aging-solution is necessary.


A deep cleansing and also moisturizing face water for all skin types, even for sensitive skin.

 Can be used as a toner or cleaning.

• Moisturizing as well as  anti-aging properties 

• Calms & Protective 

• Cleaning 

• Ophthalmologically tested

 • Scent free Apply with cotton morning and evening.

 Cleaning: Apply repeatedly until skin is clean.

 Facial water: Apply after cleansing before serum or cream.




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