Filorga Art Filler Volume 2×1.2ml

Filorga Art Filler Volume 2×1.2ml.

It’s a cross-linked hyaluronic acid (25 mg / ml) for volumetric treatments. It also allows for quick and effective correction of the appearance of patients by smoothing wrinkles and folds. However it rebuilds the lost volume, giving shape as well as improving the contour of the mandible.

Top level correction – tissue induction

Tri-Hyal + Lidocaine technology 0.3%

The innovative TRI-HYAL technology used in the preparation of the preparation consists in the combination of three types of hyaluronic acid: free hyaluronic acid and cross-linked with long and very long chains that form elastic bonds. This modern technology ensures exceptional plasticity of the preparation, optimal modeling and allows for precise distribution of the preparation and its location in the tissues.

The packaging contains 2 specially designed ergonomic syringes with a capacity of 1.2ml. Hence giving the possibility of a more comprehensive treatment and greater patient satisfaction.

In addition, Art Filler Volume contains lidocaine. It can be administered using a needle and cannula.

Indications:  Face volumetry: cheeks, beard and also the face contours

HA concentration:  25 mg / ml

Composition: Cross –  linked hyaluronic acid (HA)

Tissue induction. The first filler with hyaluronic acid stimulates the synthesis of new collagen as well as elastin fibers.