Filorga LED Booster 40ml

Filorga LED Booster 40ml.

A light-regenerating care, activated by light waves that stimulate cell metabolism. Hence optimizing the formation of elastic fibers and re-compact the skin.

  • Anti-Age Moisturizing Activator, used in combination with Lumitherapist
  • Improves skin quality as well as elasticity
  • Firmens and smoothes skin tone
  • LED light smoothes skin tone and pigment glitter and reduces skin redness
  • It can also be used alone to protect the skin from free radicals and nourish the skin
  • Finally, it makes skin youthful, smoother and glowing


  • Clean your skin with make-up and impurities
  • Apply the cream to the whole face area or locally to the treatment area
  • Not washed away

Affecting ingredients

  • NCTF + hyaluronic acid
  • Unique active ingredients together with plant extracts and Matrikin peptides rejuvenate the skin and enhance cells to produce collagen
  • The active ingredients also enhance the synthesis of the major protein, lamine-5 and hyaluronic acid in the epidermis and vitriol