Filorga Lumitherapist 1 App LED+10ml Booster

Filorga Lumitherapist 1 App LED+10ml Booster helps  stimulate all the layers of the skin to treat both the signs of aging (wrinkles, spots, looseness) and  skin defects (imperfections, dull complexion).

  • A unique lightening program for the treatment of age changes
  • The device uses two different colored LEDs that can handle signs of aging
  • The skin becomes softer, younger as well as  brighter
  • The LED-Booster Cream also contains a patented NCTF complex with increased light output
  • Powerful and safe device designed for home use

    The package contains 

    • an advanced LED lighting device for cosmetic use
    • light-activating LED Booster 10 ml
    • manual


  • 3-4 weeks daily for morning or evening cleansed skin