Filorga Mesotherapist 1 roller+1 spray

Filorga Mesotherapist 1 roller+1 spray works on the firmness, elasticity and radiance of the skin, and fights wrinkles. It reactivates the micro-circulation and stimulates the cells, for a skin visibly younger, firmer, more radiant. Anti-wrinkle, anti-aging facial.


This program, directly inspired by anti-aging mesotherapy protocols practiced in medical practice, makes skin supple, firm, elastic and radiant.
The roller stimulates the skin in depth and activates the microcirculation thanks to its micro-needles arranged on its rotating head. It works in synergy with the sterile polyrevitalisante solution of NCTF, star ingredient used in aesthetic medicine and promotes its diffusion in the heart of the cells, to recreate a denser and more dynamic cutaneous tissue.
Visible and sensitive results in 3 weeks. In one week, the skin regains a new glow. From the second week, it is more flexible, more elastic. After 3 weeks, the skin is transformed. Stimulated, redensified, she finds a new quality.

The box contains 1 roller and 1 NCTF polyrevitalisante solution. 

Directions for use

Cure 3 weeks, one session every 2 days.
Use at night on clean skin.
Spray the solution all over the face, then pass the roller by exerting a very light pressure. The ideal pressure will cause some temporary redness, proof of its effectiveness, but must under no circumstances cause bleeding. To evaluate the pressure, you can test the roller on the back of the hand and increase it every day according to the reactivity of the skin. Spray the solution again, let your skin absorb it and apply your night moisturizer.

Precautions for use

Do not associate this program with other potentially irritating or sensitizing treatments. To use imperatively on healthy skin, free of any lesion even minimal (acne, herpes, eczema, rash, mole …).
After use, it is strongly recommended to use a moisturizer.


Cell stimulation, fight wrinkles.