Filorga Scrub & Mask 50ml

Filorga Scrub & Mask 50ml  is a skin-renewal scrub, but also an anti-aging skin rejuvenating mask.

Skin renewal scrub

Massage the scrub gently into the skin: perlite pearls gently remove the dead skin with an enzyme

that stimulates cell renewal for a complete transformation of your complexion.

Anti-aging skin rejuvenating mask
When the scrub part is over, let it sit and activate the mask in a foamy mousse. Small oxygen
bubbles and the NCTF complex transport pure oxygen into the skin for a visibly rejuvenating effect.
The immediate effect is that your pores close again, the skin grain refines and becomes

smoother. The skin radiates again and is no longer suffocated.


An exfoliating mask with a duo effect that rejuvenates the skin and provides oxygen.


Step 1: Peeling with new skin effect.
Gently massage on cleansed skin: perlite globules exfoliate the skin in a subtle way while an enzyme that imitates the embryonic growth process stimulates the moult for an overall new skin effect.

Step 2: Anti-aging re-oxygenating mask.
After scrubbing, let the mask rest for a while, the texture changes into an active care foam: the NCTF® complex stimulates cell renewal and releases micro oxygen particles that help breathe the suffocated skin. When the bubbles have disappeared, you can rinse the mask.

The pores contract immediately, the skin structure is refined and smoothed. The skin rejuvenates and regains its radiant complexion.