Filorga Time Filler 50ml

Filorga Time Filler 50ml.

Time filler of the Filorga laboratories acts on three levels:
It relaxes contraction wrinkles. Time filler contains a peptide Botox tri to block the acetycholine receptors that are responsible for muscle contractions. When the muscle relaxes, wrinkles fade.

– It fills the wrinkles of digging: Time filler acts on these wrinkles often accentuated by a regime or when one is thin and which gives to the face a tired air. This treatment combines 53 ingredients stimulating the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and collagen.

– It plumps the wrinkles of desiccations: Time filler carries an action on these wrinkles which positions around the eyes, on the cheeks as well as on the forehead. This treatment associates its formula with the hyaluronic acid of vitamin E, which allows a deeper penetration of the active ones, thus more targeted at the level of the dermis.

Usage tips

Apply as a daily care in the morning and / or evening, by penetrating with a light massage.


The Time-Filler texture immediately gives a feeling of full skin. It is very concentrated and so little product is enough.