Filorga Time Zero 30ml

Filorga Time Zero 30ml.

A multi-corrective anti-wrinkle serum in four phases. The serum  however minimizes all types of wrinkles; shallow wrinkles, minimal wrinkles, fatigue wrinkles and profound wrinkles. Hence, with its peeling properties, all skin areas becomes thoroughly cleansed, dead skin cells eliminated, cell renewal regenerated. Thus giving the skin has a younger, healthier appearance.

  • Multifactual wrinkles and lotions smoothing serum
  • Zero Wrinkle Concentrate + Intensive Lifting Gel
  • Treat wrinkles and also firm your skin
  • Immediately fills the skin
  • Also rejuvenates the skin surface
  • Removes signs of fatigue and brings glow to the skin
  • Finally, it tasks the skin’s manifestations relaxing the facial muscles


  • Morning as well as  evening to clean skin
  • Ideal for underwear

Active substances

  • Hyaluronic acids moisturize the skin
  • Gluconolactone rejuvenates the skin surface
  • Matrices regulate tissue regeneration
  • Tripeptide + Hexapeptide regulates the function of neurons by relaxing the musculature
  • The NCTF® combination nourishes and also treats the skin