Filorga UV Defence 40ml

Filorga UV Defence 40ml.

Anti-aging and anti-brown spots with sun protection.

Works for all skin types and provides high protection while fighting aging and hyperpigmentation.

Very high protection:

Powerful sun fillets, thanks to vitamin E antioxidant, protect the skin from UV light and free radicals.

Dark spots:

Hops extract regulates melanin synthesis to visibly reduce the cost of photo-induced dark spots.


Hyaluronic acid and NCTF® help to regenerate tissue while a brown-smelling extract with anti-inflammatory properties moisturizes and soothes the skin deep into the dermal layers.

Non-oily cosiness. Perfect for daily care, as well as sun exposure and after cosmetic treatments.


Apply daily and / or before sun exposure. Because of its non-oily texture, it easily absorbs without sticky or oily skin on the skin. Apply a sufficient dose to carefully cover the exposed areas before sun exposure.

If you apply a medium amount, the level of protection is reduced. Apply frequently, especially when bathing or in the event of sweat or after wiping with a towel.

Even when you are well protected, you should avoid the sun during the hours it is as intense. Do not expose infants or toddlers to direct sunlight.

Works perfectly to protect sensitive skin after non-surgical anti-aging treatments, such as injections, peels, laser treatments, etc.


40 ml