Filorga X-HA Volume 2x1ml

Filorga X-HA Volume 2x1ml represents a decisive new anti-aging solution for achieving harmonious, long-lasting and natural results.  Also considered a powerful volumizer because its lifting effect is high. The product is ready to be injected thanks to an authorized professional.

Also recommended to restore volume to the cheekbones, cheeks, chin, nose and oval of the face. Hence a proven effectiveness .

The X-HA range has a versatile effect thanks to the  3 distinct properties of hyaluronic acid created by Filorga laboratories:

  • VOLUMATOR : The high viscosity of the X-HA Volume  gel provides a strong volumizing effect.
  • MODELABLE : After injection, X-HA Volume  is sculptable and easily moldable within the tissues, so it is easy for the practitioner to design harmonious lines.
  • HOMOGENEOUS  : Its excellent homogeneity, consistency and uniform density, allow a high precision injection with a good regularity, in order to obtain results that are natural and safe.

XHA Volume  is a product of very high quality especially by its high molecular weight, its guarantee of non-animal origin and its state of superior purification.


  • Concentration in crosslinked AH: 23 mg / mL
  • Reticant: BDDE
  • 4 27 G ½ needles
  • Non-animal origin

Precautions for use

Finally, recommended to consult a licensed physician trained in injecting fillers for the use of this product.