Glutax 1000G-X Micro Pro SK8

Glutax 1000G-X Micro Pro SK8.

Comprises of the following ingredients, namely L-Glutathione, Trimoist Glucano and other Actizymes. The special agent called Trimoist – a potent organic agent that improves the skin’s resistance against the oxidative stress, inducted into the body due to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. This helps to protect the skin from the environmental stress and firms the skin and also reduces the wrinkles around the eyes. The Oxy Force present in Glutax helps to clean away the spots or freckles on the face and the hydrogen peroxide helps to whiten the skin.

Also very useful for those ladies working and more overexposed to UV rays. There are several benefits of using Glutax 1000g – x Micro Pro SK8 Cellular Ultra Skin Whitening. It reduces the age spot and pigmentations, make the skin fairer and firm giving the skin a radiant look. The product improves the immune system by inducing good sleep and promoting elasticity to the skin.

However administered through IV under the consultation of the physician. Also very important to follow the instructions given on the vials before taking getting administered. Best stored at room temperature.