Glutax 5gs Micro Advance Glutathione 5000mg

Glutax 5gs Micro Advance Glutathione 5000mg

It is believed that it has a faster effect and better results in whitening and brightening your skin, and one of the products that is booming and many people are happy to whiten the injection world …

Glutax 5Gs Micro, a new breakthrough of glutax, now with the latest packaging is useful as a white injection with a more complete content without having to combine with other products
Glutax 5Gs Micro is the latest whitening injection product from Italy with the latest packaging contents and contents that are more complete and faster than previous glutax. Useful as an injection of skin whitening and as an antioxidant that is good for the skin and health

Benefits of Glutax 5Gs Micro Italy:

As a Skin Whitening and at the same time brighten it
Remove Black Spots on the skin
Provide Nutrients to the skin
Eliminate acne
Accelerate wound healing
Maintain skin moisture
Prevent Stroke
Relieve Stroke joints and symptoms of gout
Launching better blood flow
Anti Aging
Protects the skin from sun exposure

Glutax 5Gs Micro:

Ascorbic Acid 1500 mg
Collagen 350 mg
Vit E 300 mg
Pro Vitamin B3 250 mg
Pro Vitamin B5 100 mg
Glutathione 5000 mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 20