Glutax 70000GM Marine White Optimum

Glutax 70000GM Marine White Optimum whitens and moisturize the skin. Also softens and smoothes the skin. Makes the skin more radiant and also radiant. Tightens and strengthens skin tissue Reduces fine lines and wrinkles on the skin Eliminates Age Spot Reduces the occurrence of pigmentation and black spots on the skin Increases energy in the body Healthy all organs in the body Increases the immune system of the body Maintain a healthy immune system and Improve Sleep QualityAccording to unbalanced skin colorKeep skin tightness as well as elasticity.

Glutax 70000GM composition:

* Marine glutathion 70000g
* Bio dna cellular marine complex 4000mg
* Marine multivitamin mineral 15000mg
* Dna white elements 3000mg
* Marine d3 500mg
* Hydro mn peptide 7200mg