Glutax 75gs Nano Pro Cell Whitening

Glutax 75gs Nano Pro Cell Whitening

The liquid inside the cells of this plant contains components that help to protect and maintain human stem cells. In addition, Apple plants contain stem cells from their mycelium to ensure longer cell life. In Switzerland there is a very famous apple tree because of the fact that the fruit lives longer than a long time. When tested in vitro apple extract stem cells to humans, the umbilical was found that apple stem cells increase the number of other stem cells. 

Furthermore, these additions to the center of stem cells appear to protect cells from environmental stresses such as free radicals, UV light, and other adverse effects of sunlight. If the stem cells have only been found on the umbilical cord for a long time now stem cells do not have to be taken through the umbilical cord but from cell culture technology extracts that are used as active ingredients used in anti-aging care products. the use of products containing apple stem cells can provide greater results in the reduction of fine lines on the skin, wrinkles, and other skin damage due to the environment.

Benefits of Glutax 75gs Nano Pro Cell:  

As an anti-aging for the skin
Makes skin whiter, radiant and looks younger
Helps activate stem cells for rejuvanate
Improve Metabolism in the body
As a protector of free radicals and bad effects of UV light
Improve collagen and maintain skin elasticity
Prevent pigmentation or embezzlement because of the sun
Eliminates wrinkles on the skin
As an antioxidant to ward off poisons in the body
Increase the level of skin irritation
Helps smooth and eliminate spots or scars

The composition of Glutax 75gs Nano Pro Cell:  

Apple Stem Cell 285mg
Nano Glutathione 7500mg
Nano Ascorbic Acid 5000mg
Collagen Extract 600mg
Epidermal Growth Factor 2000mg
Kojic Acid 500mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 3500mg
Vitamin E 400mg
Pro Vitamin B3 500mg
Pro Vitamin B5 500mg
Packaging Contents: 10 sets (20 amps + 10 vials)