Glutax DNA 5000G Ultra Synchronize Whitening

Glutax DNA 5000G Ultra Synchronize Whitening.

The latest breakthrough of white injection glutax with formulas is more specialized as whitening, with affordable prices as well as maximum results.
Ultra Synchronize Whitening Glutax DNA  is also the latest product from Glutax series, this product helps in whitening the skin, brightens and even skin tone. Works perfectly on dry skin to provide natural moisture to the skin.

Product Composition:

  • Multi Glutathione Extract 5000G
  • Acido Alfa Lipoico 1350mg
  • Epidermal Growth Factor 2500mg
  • Lacido Ascorbico 3800mg
  • Extract Collagen 3800mg
  • Selenio 0.35mg
  • Vitamin E 750mg
  • Pro – Vitamin B3 750mg
  • Pro – Vitamin B5 750mg


  • Epidermal Growth Factor / EGF to make skin youthful, bright and also shiny.
  • Also produces collagen extract to restore the balance of moisture into our body and increase skin elasticity.
  • Pro – Vitamins to maintain as well as makes our skin look fresh, firm, young, fair, moisture and healthy for the whole day

Packaging Contents: 5 sets (5 powder vials + 10 ampoules)