Hyacorp Face II Voluma 2x2ml

Hyacorp Face II Voluma 2x2ml is a hydrogel for the highly purified and resorbable dermal implant. It is thus  a disposable medical device, consisting of hyaluronic acid of fermentative origin. Hyacorp Face II Voluma is a sterile, apyrogenic, viscoelastic, hydrodispersible, non-flammable, non-toxic biomaterial, present with the same chemical, physical and biological structure in the tissues of all higher organisms.

Hyacorp Face II Voluma is a clear viscous gel, which comes in 2 ml syringes with LuerLock attachment, with 2 SoftFil injection cannulae 27G x 40mm / XL cannula, 27G x 13 needles.


1 ml of Hyacorp Face II Voluma contains:

Hyaluronic acid2.0 mg
Cross-linked hyaluronic acid24.0 mg
Sodium chloride6.9 mg
Water for injections1.0 ml


Implanted in the mid-deep dermis as an integrator of the intercellular matrix, with the function of restoring anatomical structures. Its mechanism of action is based on the latest biotechnology in the production of injectable hyaluronic acid. However it completely degrades over time.

However indicated for restoring the volume as well as contour of the face: increase of volume / filling of the tissue. Also volumetric increase of the malar area, correction of wrinkles and deep furrows, nasolabial folds, deep glabellar grooves. The duration of the effect can vary and depends on the depth as well as the point of injection. Moreover, the results obtained depends on the type of skin and the desired changes.

Injection can only be performed by a doctor.