Hyamira 32mg/2ml Wholesale

Hyamira 32mg/2ml Wholesale. A stabilized form of hyaluronic acid obtained by biosynthesis with a molecular weight of 1,000,000 daltons. Gel solution with high viscosity and elasticity. 

However the concentration of hyaluronic acid creates optimal physiological conditions for the migration and proliferation of fibroblasts. As well as it also participates in the synthesis of collagen and other components of the extracellular matrix. 

High molecular weight Hyaluronic acid has a strong antioxidant effect and the ability to stimulate angiogenesis. So oncentration below 16 mg / ml does not guarantee strong binding of water in the skin and ineffective connects with specific fibroblast receptors (CD44). 

Benefits of Hyamira 32mg/2ml

• reconstruction of the skin structure 
• increase of skin elasticity 
• also smoothing of fine wrinkles 
• restoring the proper level of skin hydration 
• long-lasting revitalization effect
• Finally, a radiant appearance and skin regeneration day after day