Juvederm Ultra 4 2x1ml

Juvederm Ultra 4 2x1ml –  a soft, supple gel, available in three different strengths for different patient needs.

A filler with a very high content of hyaluronic acid. Also an apyrogenic, physiological gel of reticulated hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. Soft and supple, it’s ideal for smoothing very deep wrinkles, as well as for filling lips and sunken cheeks, or for emphasizing the cheekbones, which look thinner and degrade as they age.

All Juverderm Filler contain the localestesthetic lidocaine, so that the treatment significantly reduces in pain. Produced biotechnologically and not allergenic and very well tolerated. In addition, the active ingredient concentration is HA 24 mg / ml, 0.3% lidocaine.