Juvederm Ultra Smile 2 x 0.55ml

Juvederm Ultra Smile 2 x 0.55ml.

A filler specifically designed for lips. It combines all the unique advantages of the Juvederm Ultra series. It is the first smooth filler based on HA acid with anesthesia. Thanks to its homogeneous, gel consistency, it easily flows to the filled areas, providing a feeling of smoothness and naturalness.

Application :

  • increases the volume of lips, gives them a symmetrical and natural look
  • underlines the shape of the cupid arc and the podnax channel
  • reduces the vertical wrinkles of the lips, the so-called limed lips
  • improves the shape and contour of the lips
  • affects the texture of the mouth, giving them smoothness and delicacy
  • Filling the furrows and wrinkles caused by smoking and mouth clamping.


  • Cross-linked HA hyaluronic acid: 24 mg / ml
  • Lidocaine: 0.3%
  • Phosphate solution pH: 7.2 qsp 1 g




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