Neauvia Organic Intense Man

Neauvia Organic Intense Man. We are aware of the differences between tissues in men and women, as well as their different, subjective expectations of aesthetic medicine. Therefore this knowledge allows us today to present the first, unique product for men – Intense Man.

Thanks to the special formula with the highest concentration of HA (28 mg / ml) and high viscosity, this product is ideal for thicker skin and faster aging process. Intense Man – used to increase the volume of areas with reduced firmness and filling of furrows and deep wrinkles.

Benefits of Neauvia Organic Intense Man

  • Highest concentration of hyaluronic acid to ensure effectiveness as well as long-lasting effect
  • Unique product for men on a global scale
  • Also high quality raw materials (BSHA and PEG)
  • Slow biodegradation and long-lasting results