Perfectha Derm 1x1ml

Perfectha Derm 1x1ml is a gel hyaluronic filler designed to treat deep wrinkles, including lips contours and glabella wrinkles. So at 90% concentration, the gel is applied to the middle dermis (middle layer of the skin). It is also designed to create volume in the face and covers the scars. As well as moderately deep wrinkles emerging from the middle layer of the dermis.

Indications Perfectha Derm

  1. Alignment of medium and also deep wrinkles, including nasolabial folds, “lines of sorrow”
  2. Bending correction, lip augmentation
  3. Raising the lowered corners of the mouth
  4. Face oval lift
  5. Elimination of scars, stretch marks
  6. Step by step procedure plan