Perfectha Finelines 1×0.5ml

Perfectha Finelines 1×0.5ml – a highly effective tool designed specifically to eliminate fine wrinkles in the periorbital and perioral area. The injection gel contains stabilized hyaluronic acid, which regenerates as well as effectively strengthens the tissues of the dermis. Thanks to an effective formula, the result of rejuvenation prolongs up to 6 months.

Perfectha is a complete line of biphasic hyaluronic acid fillers designed to improve and correct signs of aging and prolonged volume build-up.
The manufacturing process is based on the innovative E-Brid® technology.

Characterized by:

– high molecular weight and high purity sodium hyaluronate fibers
– unique cross-linking process in which creates a high number of covalent bonds. Hence to produces a very elastic gel (high filling capacity / long residence time)
– Finally, controlled mixing process