Pluryal meso II Tightening

Pluryal meso II Tightening.  Ideal for aging skin. Dry and lack flexibility. With powerful ingredients will direct to restoration. Makes the skin  smooth, reduce wrinkles as well as lift the skin to look younger.

Rejuvenate and lift the skin without care. Back to health and tighten.

Key Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid Fragments + Amino Acid Complex with Choline

Suitable for

People with dry skin. Cumulative And need special care.

Areas to use

Face, neck, chest and back


The initial treatment should be done 4 times 
a week, spacing 1 time per week.
Treatment should be done twice a month, spacing 1 time per month.
Long term care Treat at least once every 2-6 months.


3 bottles x 5 ml.
* Compatible with Mesotherapy Treatments or Syringes.

Features of Pluryal Meso 2 TIGHTENING

Pluryal meso 2 TIGHTENING is a skin care product. 
Skin needs special care. Rejuvenate the skin. 
Helps reduce wrinkles from aging. And pollution is back to bright , youthful, fast life.

The procedure of the treatment.

Your doctor will use your Mesothelioma Therapy device or syringe in conjunction with Pluryal Meso 2TIGHTENING to suit  your individual skin. This treatment takes 
less than 30 minutes and rarely causes any pain.

The number of treatments.

To get good results Treatment should be done once 
a week for 4-5 weeks, then the treatment can be maintained. 
The result is longer. Repeat the treatment at least once 
every 2-3 months.

Recovery period

Use of this product. No need to recuperate Can live 
As usual after the treatment immediately.


Produced with sterile process in accordance with European CE standards.


ISO 13485, GMP and CE certified.