Prostrolane Blanc-B 1x2ml

Prostrolane Blanc-B 1x2ml is an innovative product recommended for smoothing unevenness on the surface of the skin. Also specially developed formula for the delicate area of ​​the eye.

An improved formula designed for a specific zone. A new, patented peptide reducing bags under the eyes.


– Radiant appearance as well as lightening of the skin

– Prevents photoaging and also wrinkles

– Natural correction of wrinkles on the face

– Patented new peptide for skin brightening

– Also extended release technology for 2 weeks


PBS, sodium hyaluronate (0.7%), Prostrolane Blanc-B peptide complex (Oligopeptide-92, Octapeptide-11, Feruloyl Oligo pepsid-33, Valprooyl Oligopeptide-33)

Application protocol:

– However, recommended volume of use: 2 ml / area (maximum use: 4 ml / area)

– Frequency: 1 session / 2 weeks (2 sessions in total) ( So, repeat the protocol if necessary)