Prostrolane Inner-B 1x2ml

Prostrolane Inner-B 1x2ml acts detoxifying and smoothing, tightens the skin, making it firmer and more elastic. It also strengthens the skin’s elasticity and improves its condition.

Moreover, it contains patented technology of prolonged release and penetration of substances. So, the minimum dose of the concentrated preparation for 2 weeks after the procedure is maintained in the skin. Hence, causing slow, long-lasting release and penetration of peptides.


  • hyaluronic acid (0.7%),
  • complex of 4 peptides: Nanopeptide-32, Pentapeptide-43, Tripeptide-41, Octapeptide-11.

Administered areas include:

  • chin,
  • jaw,
  • stomach
  • forearms as well as breeches.

Fat cells are not destroyed / broken, so the number of side effects is minimized. So the treatment is very effective and at the same time safe!

Peptide body therapy – protocol
Face: 2 treatments – Body: 3-4 treatments.

Spacing between treatments: 2 weeks