Radiesse 1×1.5ml

Radiesse 1×1.5ml.

Designed to contour the face, replenish dermal tissue, increase the volume in problem areas and eliminate age-related skin defects. The filler however promotes the production of natural elastin and collagen. Used for non-surgical lifting as well as restoration of facial contours.

Fill facial wrinkles: deep wrinkles, marionette lines, oral commissure, nasolabial folds. Also corrects the contour of the chin and jaw improving its role and its symmetry.
Corrects bumps and irregularities of the nose.

It gives volume to sunken cheeks.

Restore the volume Restoration of collagen. Find a fresh complexion.

The ideal wrinkle reduction is achieved by restoring the volume when your skin has lost.

The implant is used for the following purposes:

  1. Smoothing nasolabial folds and wrinkles,
  2. Correction of the shape and relief of the face,
  3. Elimination of sagging cheeks,
  4. Deliverance from hollow cheekbones,
  5. Removal of simple scars,
  6. Raising the eyebrows
  7. Renewal volume and shape of the chin,
  8. Correction of the back of the nose and hands,
  9. Development of subcutaneous tissue,
  10. Normalization of skin tone.