Stylage Hydro 1ml Wholesale

Stylage Hydro 1ml Wholesale. Skin Moisturization and Bio Revivification

Use of Stylage Hydro 1ml:

  • Correct dehydration and loss of firmness of the skin.
  • Also improve skin elasticity.
  • Revive the skin of the face, décolleté, neck and for the superficial rejuvenation of the hands.

Therefore this products specially created to harmonize the hydration of the skin and improve its firmness and elasticity. These fillers are particularly suitable for the décolleté, neck, face and back of the hands.

For an effective treatment, your specialized doctor will have to make small injections with fine needles within the superficial or deep dermis, according to the technique of injection, the area to be treated (hands, back, décolleté and neck) and the state of your skin.

So you will notice a noticeable improvement in your skin tone right from your first session. Retouching may be necessary to achieve and maintain the desired results.  For that, your doctor will be able to set up a personalized STYLAGE treatment to answer your needs.


  • Uncrosslinked
  • Hyaluronic acid + Mannitol
  • Concentration 14 mg / g
  • 30 G1 / 8
  • 1 ml syringe