Teosyal First Lines 2×0.7ml

Teosyal First Lines 2×0.7ml is used to correct superficial wrinkles. A flexible and also delicate filler allows you to remove superficial nasolabial lines. Hence, performs correction of superficial wrinkles in areas with thin skin, crow’s feet and wrinkles above the lip.
Recommended after 6-9 months for repeated procedure. The effect accumulates with each procedure.

For the Treatment of the First Signs of Aging

Concentration: 20 mg / g

Level of reticulation: +

Needle: 30 G


Line wrinkles as well as superficial wrinkles such as crow’s feet and perioral wrinkles

Packaging: 0.7 ml syringe

Duration: average 6 months

Depth of injection: the surface layer of the dermis