Teosyal Ultra Deep 2×1.2ml

Teosyal Ultra Deep 2×1.2ml. Specially designed for volume expansion, inserted through 25G1 needles. Injections are however not traumatic for the patient.

So, the high level of reticulation of TEOSYAL® Ultra Deep provides a stable result. Therefore an additional injection, which requires a small amount of the drug, is recommended after 9-1 2 months.

The level of drug administration: a deep layer of the dermis or subcutaneous tissue.

With the help of TEOSYAL® Ultra Deep, you can create or recreate volume in the necessary areas of the face. Also improve its outlines, smooth deep wrinkles on thick skin, eliminate skin folds, reduce minor ptosis and restore the original facial contours.

  • Concentration: 25 mg / g
  • Bulk ability: +++++
  • Needle: 25G1
  • Packaging: 2 syringes of 1.2 ml or 1 ml
  • Indications:
    – Creating and restoring facial volumes
    – Improving facial contours
    – Deep wrinkles on thick skin
  • Guaranteed duration: 12 months
  • Injection rate: subcutaneous tissue




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