Yvoire Classic Plus 1x1ml

Yvoire Classic Plus 1x1ml.

A dermal corrector with a concentration of hyaluronic acid of 22 mg / ml is a revolutionary hybrid of single- and two-phase gels and belongs to the newest – fifth – generation of fillers. The drug guarantees a painless introduction due to the lidocaine content and will provide patients with effective correction of wrinkles and folds on the face, and also adds extra volume to the lips.

Effects of  Yvoire® Classic Plus

Correction of folds I-II severity. Also corrects puppet wrinkles. Correction of lip volume as well as  contour. Correction of the commissure of the mouth. Reinforcement of the face, neck, neckline. Correction of the lacrimal and palpebromaral sulcus. Correction of the cheek and zygomatic furrow. In addition it corrrects eyebrow folds. Correction of forehead wrinkles. Correction of neck and neckline wrinkles. Contouring the hands.


The duration of the effect is up to one year, depending on the individual characteristics as well as  lifestyle.


Syringe x 1 ml Active composition: Hyaluronic acid (22 mg / ml), phosphate buffer pH 7.1 (up to 1 ml), lidocaine (0.3%)